Auto tankers, railway tanks, sea and sea-river tankers under the FCA - DAP – СРТ - FOB - CIF terms.


Shipment is carried out within 5-45 business days from the date of receipt of 100% of funds on account of the Seller.
In other cases, there is agreement of the parties with respect to the advance payment, payment in full or by percentage, and to delivery terms (individually for each item of goods).


► Getting of request for buying with price and quantity indication;
► In response to the request the seller sends back an additional agreement, which outlines conditions of the transaction, price, value, quantity and puts an invoice to buyer;
► The buyer pays the bill, signs and sends the seller an additional agreement;
► The seller receives the money, usually one day after it was sent;
► Having get prepayment, plant orders tanks, coordinates export shipment (3-5 days as a rule). So shipment starts after 7-10 days after payment.

Price, cost and terms of each next lot have to be agreed by Parties in a separate annex to the contract.