To make a contract you need to provide:

► official order;
► if FOB port terminal shipping, attaching of your tank LNG carrier, tanker, barge Q88 passport is required.

In the application the buyer must specify:

► correct name of the oil product;
► right amount (metric tons or cubic meters);
► idea of ​​the price value at the time of product order;
► place of purchase, shipment, destination - FOB, СРТ, DAP, DAF, CIF, DAT, FCA;
► bank and legal details of railway station, terminal, port.

Separate order for each type of product for each lot.

Shipping ± 2%

Lead, Zink, Aluminium, Copper Cathodes:

► from 50 М/Т to 15 000 М/Т contract (SPOT/TERM).

Organic Fertilizer Leonardit:

► from 3000 М/Т to 30 000 М/Т contract (SPOT/TERM).